Our Values


Our Guides are held to the highest standards of student care. They are trustworthy and will look after the needs of your child with the utmost care and attention. 


We are humbled to serve you and we adopt the best practices in student care. We value open communication with students and we seek to build trust and loyalty with parents through communicating often, openly and honestly.


Our dedicated Guides (Student Care Teachers) are passionate and dedicated in caring for your child. We value meaningful interactions with children and aim to foster bonds with them through the various activities and programmes that we have carefully planned.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care. We care about your child’s development and we will continuously strive to create global, upright citizens with world views. We have dedicated our lives to our children and their growth, development and happiness mean the world to us.


We create interesting programmes to excite and inspire your child to learn more than what they are taught in school. We promote real world skills such as cooking, creating and learning methods of thinking that will help them in the future. We train children to be adventurous and explore the world around them with curious, inquisitive minds. 


Here at Impressions Explorer Student Care, we promote hands-on learning. We distinguish ourselves by being outdoor centric and aim to teach children through experience rather than simply teaching them theory-based knowledge. This is why we have formulated programmes in Creative Expression, Science and Nature, Food Science- Cooking, English Language Skills and Culture Studies which are all centred around children learning important real-world life skills through experience.

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