About Us 

To cultivate the inquisitive minds of children to be nimble and adaptable in any environment and empower them with the confidence to take on the challenges of life and achieve their goals through self reliance and resilience.

We strive to create a safe, beautiful environment for children to exist in where all their needs are met. We strive to ensure their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing so that parents are assured that their children are in the best possible hands, entrusted to Guides (Student Care Teachers) who are passionate and committed to looking after their children.

We call our Student Care Teachers Guides at Impressions Explorer. Our Guides are not your regular teachers. They aim to guide your children through the school of life where learning is endless and continuous and spirals beyond the confines of academia and classroom learning. Our guides are trained in childcare with many years of experience under their belts.

Registered Office

Impressions Explorer Student Care

100 Turf Club Road 

Bungalow A 

Singapore 287992


Hotline : +65 98516267

Email : info@impressionsexplorer.com

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